Free Grants for Single Moms for Household Expenses and Education

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The number of single moms in the United States increases every year. While the situation might be by choice or because of some domestic problems, they should not be excluded from society. They are more in need of free grants for single moms – from daily expenses to going back to school.

The federal government, various organizations and foundations, and society in general have reognized the plight of single moms, as well as their contribution to society. Hence, there are several free grants that are tailored specifically for single moms. It could range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, annually.

Free Grants for Single Moms – Education

It’s become a challenge for single moms to go back to school to pursue higher education. While there are a few who are well off, most single moms find it hard to make ends meet, much less have the finances to go back to school, which would alleviate their current station in life after successfully finishing their studies.

If you are looking for a federal grant for education you first need to apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). While it requires your family history, including your parents’ source of income, that part is not considered when you are a single mom. After securing this you could apply for a Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, National SMART Grant, grants given by the U.S. Department of Education and special grants given by your state. You could also try checking out the grants given by certain colleges and universities.

Corporations and foundations such as Emerge, The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Capture The Dream and the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund are all worth pursuing. If you are working, check if your company provides grants for single moms who want to pursue higher education.

Free Grants – Daily Needs

Your outlook should not be distressed even if you are a single mom because there are several free grants for single moms that you could avail of. If you need assistance for child care, check out your state’s child care agency. You could find safe and affordable child care facility through Child Care Aware. Those with children about to go to school could seek assistance from Head Start. See if you qualify for the subsidized meal programs for school lunches provided by the USDAor you could find out how to qualify for SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Other opportunities for free grants include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Search for all free grants available for single moms. You should also check the qualifications to avail of Women, Infants and Children Program, Section 8 Housing Program and the Local Food Bank.

It is not a crime to avail of all the available free grants for single moms because every cent provides you with some assistance to assuage your financial problems. It is part of your right as a citizen of the United States. And getting a higher education paves the way towards your upward mobility.

4 Simple Steps on How to Find Scholarships and Grants for Women

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Are you looking for financial aid to fund your education, start a business or enlarge your existing business? There are a variety of resources for you to find scholarhips and grants for women. The increasing role of women in society has opened more avenues for women to seek equal footing with men, and they have proved that they could be at par with the best of them.

Let’s take a look at some tips that would help you source out some funding for your educational and business endeavors. It’s a matter of taking stock of what you want to do, what you should do, and putting everything in action.

4 Steps on How to Find Scholarships and Grants for Women

1.  Define your needs and wants. Assess your needs and wants before you even search for scholarships and grants. This would guide you in what to look for. Determine your course and the school. Will you be living at home or staying in a dorm? Will you be working parttime? Do you need full scholarship? What is the distance to your house? Define the course you want to take, the school you want to enrol in and the safety of the school.

2.  Find the right sources of information. has a large database of available scholarships in different types, from academic to non-academic scholarships. You should also try exploring the College Grants website. It’s got a database of grants and scholarships segregated into several categories – government, career, minority, type of student and type of schools. You’ll also find valauble information on securing grants. Sign up for membership with AAUW or the American Association of University Women to access the site and apply for grants.

WE Magazine has a list of 100 websites that offer scholarships and grants for women. It is just a list so you have to follow each link to know what agency offers. Visit the College Scholarships website. There’s good information on various organizations as well as a page on grants and scholarships that you might have overlooked.

3.  Get prepared. You have to prove that you need financial assistance so apply for FAFSA online. You need the SAR to mail together with yout application. Request letters of recommendation and several copies of your official transcript of records or business plans. Send applications to as many possible agencies as you can and wait for their official communication. Make dockets for each application you send and update each one as response and communication come in.

4.  Fill the application. Read all the instructions included in each application form. Be sure to follow them to the letter. Prepare all the attachments required. This is very important. Strictly observe the deadline and send your application as early as you can.

Defining your goals, making a checklist, doing proper research and preparing all your documents ahead of time will make your life easier when searching for scholarships and grants for women. Be organized and focused as this could form part of your training for your student or business life.

Where to Find Business Grants for Minority Women

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Every person is entitled to decent living. And minority women are no exception. If you belong to this category and are looking for business grants for minority women, be assured that there are several grant programs that exist to give you support.

The Web is such a vast virtual real estate and it could be difficult to make a pinpointed search when you do not know where to start. The United States government, foundations, corporations and other private donors are in the mix of agencies that support minority women who want to go into business.

State and Local Grants Office

The first agencies to check when you are looking for business grants for minority women are your state and local grants office. They would have a list of agencies and organizations that provide business grants for minority women. While the Small Business Administration agency of the United States has a page on Minority Owned Business, it clearly specifies that the federal government does not provide grants. Rather they provide small business loans and plenty of resources to help enterprising and aggressive minority groups, especially women, make a good business start.

Private Organizations for Business Grants for Minority Women

Several private companies, organizations and foundations set aside funds to help minority women start their own businesses. Some of these include:

  • Open Meadows Foundation Grants, a non-profit organization of women-owned small business. Their aim is to support women and young girls belonging to vulnerable communities. But you should already have a business whose annual income do not go beyond $150,000.
  • Huggies Mom-inspired grant program gives out $15,000 grant as seed money to women to encourage them to develop new and original product ideas as well as start a business to help improve their lives. Winning a grant is based on the product proposal that the applicant must submit, which is judged based on five fixed criteria.
  • National Association for the Self-Employed provides grants of up to $5,000 to women to help them start their business or finance their business needs. Membership through their website is a must, as the application for grants is done online.
  • MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series (MUES) support the urban minorities. Applicants for the grants, which could go as high as $100,000, send business plan applications which will be judged by their committee.The website also has plenty of resources for entrepreneurs. Deadline for submission of business plans is October.
  • Idea Cafe is an online resource for entrepreneurs and offers $1,000 business grants annually to women to fund the start of their business or finance their existing business. Registration to the site is free. Grant applicants complete the online form. Idea Café members receive business ideas and information from other members, and access to other business grants.
  • Other organizations where business grants are available include Altrusa International Foundation, Ms. Foundation for Women and Sigrid Rausing Trust Foundation.

It does not matter if you are young or past your prime, as long as you desire to start a business, you are likely to find business grants for miniroty women from this list.

Top 4 Types of Women Owned Business Grants You Can Avail of

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There are so many wonderful things and benefits you can get out of applying for women owned business grants but first things first. Even if you have not yet opened your own business and you’re just seriously considering on opening one, you will be able to really make sure that your business is fully funded if you qualify for this type of business grant. Here’s a look at the different types of grants you might qualify for.

4 Types of Women Owned Business Grants and Loans

  1. Starting a Business Grant. The first type of business grants you can apply for is called the starting a business grant. As its name suggests, this type of grant is focused on providing women like you with the opportunity to start a business by providing you with a capital they know you deserve. The amount of money that will be given to you will depend on the qualifications and requirements you will submit.
  2. Growing a Business Grant. If you’ve already gone past the stage of starting your business and what you need now is some capital to grow it further, then know that there is also such a grant that is focused on this one. What you gain from it is pretty simple and that is the ability to get additional capital to help sustain your business depending on the amount of money that will be granted to you.
  3. Mentoring & Training Grants. Another type of grant that you can apply for is known as the Mentoring & Training type of grant. This grant is provided to women business owners who find that there’s a need for financial support when it comes to their company’s mentoring and training modules and processes. Of course, there are still other qualifications that you need to pass and if you qualify, then this can really be afforded to your business.
  4. Business Loans. There are also other types of women owned business grants that are called loans. Just like all the other types mentioned here, there is a need to submit the necessary requirements in order to qualify. Also, it is important that as early as now you know that not everyone who is need of financial support will qualify for different types of grants and loans because there are a lot of things that are considered with this kind of application.

But even if this is the case, there is no need for you to not try applying for any of the business grants you might be interested in because there’s really no way of pointing out whether or not you will be qualified for one. So if you are really serious about starting or funding your business, then make sure that you consider these different types of women owned business grants because the amount of money and support you can get from it will truly be worth it.

Top 3 Types of Grants for Women Business Owners and How to Qualify for Them

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If you are thinking of becoming a business owner or an entrepreneur, know that there are a lot of grants for women that you can apply for in order to help support you on this kind of benefit. But first, you need to make sure that you qualify for this type of grants for women business owners because if you don’t, then there’s really no point in applying for it. Let’s take a look at the different types of grants you can vouch for and see if you truly qualify.

Qualifying for the 3 Types of Grants for Women Business Owners

  1. Business Investment Grant. One of the first types of grants for women that you can apply for if you want to become a business entrepreneur is also known as a business investment grant. This type of grant can afford you with support when it comes to finding a location for your business, ensuring that you have all the necessary tools and equipment that you need as well a reasonable amount of capital that can help you start up your business venture.
  2. Research Development Grants. Another type of grants for women that you can apply for is known as the Research Development Grant. This one in particular is focused on giving you the necessary capital you need to make sure that your research and business development requirements are met. Of course, as long as this can be proven necessary for your business, you can qualify for sure.
  3. Business Solutions Grants. Another type of grants for women business owners is none other than business solutions grants. This grant in particular is focused on helping women business owners to find a number of different ways to help support their business solutions requirements. Simply put, this means that every business department may qualify for this one as long as there’s really a need for it.
  4. Grants for Training and Skills. An important type of business owners’ grant that you can apply for is none other than the training and skills grant. This one is of course focused on ensuring that all necessary training in a business is fully funded. Since training is regarded with utmost importance, then there’s really a need to make sure that the right amount of money will be used for it.

In knowing the different types of grants you can apply for, the next thing is knowing how to qualify. The three most important things you need to qualify are simple and it’s that you need to basically submit all necessary requirements, call and coordinate with the grants provider before actual application and follow up your application after a few days.

Now that you know all these things about grants for women business owners, what are you still waiting for? Make sure that you take great advantage of these grants now to help support and sustain your business for a really long time.

Top 5 Popular Types of Education Grants for Women

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Nowadays, if a woman wishes to pursue higher education, there are a lot of opportunities she can take on. Thanks to various types of education grants for women, a lot of women now find it possible to educate themselves further without having to spend a lot of money or anything at all. Here are some of the best and most effective techniques on how to choose the best grant for you.

5 Types of Education Grants for Women Available

  1. Education Grants for Economically Disadvantaged Women. A number of colleges and universities in the United States offer educational grants especially designed for economically disadvantaged women. This is a great choice for grant if you are having problems paying off your tuition fees. However, know that there are a couple of requirements that you need to pass in order to make sure that you will be qualified. Depending on your school of choice, there might also be a need to get a copy of your household’s monthly income.
  2. Education Grants for Single Mothers. If you are a single mother, you can also find educational grants focused on this kind of need. You will be required to submit a proof that you are really not being supported by your child’s father in order to qualify for this kind of grant. You should also give a proof that you cannot support higher education because your child is now your priority.
  3. Education Grants for Battered Women. If you have also been physically abused, then you can apply for education grants for women of this kind. Likely, you will also be required to give a statement in relation to your case as well as relevant information on who physically assaulted you. It is important to know though that this type of grant is not given by all colleges and universities.
  4. Programs in Underrepresented Fields. There are also a number of grants that you can vouch for if you wish to take a course that is not exactly as popular as other types of course. Depending on the school, you will be able to find a list of programs that fall under this type of grant and if you find something that interests you and if you qualify, then you can be afforded this particular grant.
  5. Non-Traditional Grants. Specialized types of educational grants for women also known as non-traditional grants can also be afforded for women who are representing non-traditional groups and families. There are certain qualifications that you need to meet in relation to this as well.

Now that you have an idea on what some of the education grants for women that you can find are, if you are interested and if you feel that you will qualify for any of these five types, then simply look it up and the school you wish to take it from. This way, regardless of your situation and status as a woman, you can still enjoy perks and benefits from getting top-quality education that you deserve.

Women Empowerment and Federal Grants for Women

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Women are becoming more pronounced in their stand in the society. Even after motherhood, they usually would not settle for just housework. A lot of them go out into the world and explore what else they can do than mothering a child. Since education is the best foundation for big dreams, they tend to run back to school, with hopes of becoming or continuing to be successful. Good thing, there are federal grants for women, which they can use to help you achieve their goals.

Where to Go Looking for Federal Grants for Women

Every kind of scholarship has a certain specification. That’s why it will not be as difficult to find scholarships tailor made for women – whether they are mothers, adult learners, or regular students. Aside from the government, these types of grants specially made for women are also available through organizations and institutions that look after women’s welfare. You may also inquire in a college or university regarding financial assistance they make available specifically for women.

Remember that federal grants for women are not only obtained through Uncle Sam’s efforts. Make an effort to go looking out for free college money elsewhere because after some digging, you might just be up for something even greater than the State could offer.

No Need to Pay

The best thing about getting grants or scholarships instead of student loans is that there is no need to pay back after college. That means, you can fast forward to make your dreams come true right after graduation because there are no debts that will hold you back.

However, grants cannot be found hanging around everywhere and are not served just like that. Women who are seeking scholarships may need to meet certain standards in merits and performance as well as in socio-economic to fit in. Depending on what kind of scholarships you are applying for, you have to meet strict requirements, which will put you against others who are vying for a scholarship as well.

That is why it is very important that you learn to put your best foot forward when applying for scholarships. Take out all the best that you have got for your application to be approved.

Scholarships are free money and nobody in his right mind will offer free money in exchange of nothing. Mostly, federal grants are offered to assist women students in their education, granting that they will be of asset to the organization or institution afterwards. This could mean concentrating in a study area, doing extremely well in a specific subject, etc. There are also grants that are tailor made to meet the needs of the less privileged, of those students who are intent on finishing education but are short of money to finance it. In this case, you have to prove your family’s socio-economic status. But more than that, you also have to prove that you are deserving enough for the investment on education. This can be proven through your performance in school.

Federal grants for women seek to further women empowerment through an important investment on education. If you are one with big dreams, do not worry about your empty pockets because you can get free money to help finance your schooling.

Scholarships for Mothers and Juggling School with Motherhood

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There is nothing like getting good education. That’s why even when you are already at a phase when you have totally different responsibilities, like being a mother, it is a must that you get back into schooling. That is, if you want to get ahead in your career and create a better future for your kids. Scholarships for mothers are available to help out in this case.

Get a Scholarship for Mothers

There are numerous scholarships that are made out specifically for mothers, for single mothers, and for those adults who are going back to school. You only need to be specific what you are up to because grants are not made the same. They are made to look for different kinds of merits and different types of needs. You need to fit in, meet the requirements in order to avail of them.

You may seek scholarships for mothers in different websites, in a college or university’s Financial Aid department, in local government offices, and in private institutions. The key to getting the best grant that will cover for all your college expenses and probably even give you a few bucks in allowance is to apply to as many as you can. For as long as you can qualify, you may apply. If you get approved in more than one, that’s much better.

Scholarships may cover for more than one kind of college expense. Aside from merely paying up tuition fees, you may also get those for your boarding and lodging, for your books, and for almost any kind of expense related to your education. The more grants that you get, the more college money you will have.

Get Back to School

If getting a scholarship could be a real challenge, getting back to school is an even greater challenge. As an adult learner or as a mother/student, you will have a lot of responsibilities in your hand that you will have to juggle wit school. This is definitely one big of a decision that you have to think through ad plan out. But of course, you should not shy away from the decision of going back. You just have to understand that there are adjustments you have to make to balance out your life with the change.

As a parent, this big decision would affect the whole family, and most of all, your kids. Make sure that you are able to prepare your kids. Talk to them about it and the kind of changes it will bring into your home setup.

Also, it is important that you learn to be more organized. Keep track of your schedules for family and for school so you can arrange your activities and make sure they do not clash.

Getting back to school is definitely a different kind of challenge when you are already juggling your time in between responsibilities as a mother. To keep up with the demands of both, it is important that you are aided by scholarships for mothers and you learn about effective time management. Those two will help make life easier for you and for your kids with this change.

Simple Guide for Applying for Education Grants for Single Mothers

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Everyone is entitled to education and single mothers are no exception. While single mothers might be struggling to make ends meet, their family situation should not be a deterrent in seeking education grants for single mothers. In reality, it would be an ideal situation if a single mother could continue her education, since this will pave the way for a better future for her herself and her children.

While there are several education grants available, there is still the matter of choosing the right one, where to look for available education grants and how to apply for the grant.

Where to look for grants for single mothers

If you are a resident of Arkansas, check out the website of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. Select your home county from the map and download the application form. You could call them if you have questions.

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund has sent more than 700 women to school since 1976. The list of requirements for eligibility, video tutorials, a downloadable application form and other pertinent details are available from their website.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation provides scholarships to single mothers from low-income families. Five women receive educational scholarships a year. The criteria for selection are available online.

Based in New England is the R.O.S.E. Scholarship, focused on giving a second chance for women who were the victims of domestic and dating abuse.

W.I.S.P. stands for Women’s Independence Scholarship Program. They lean more on single mothers and other women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

State colleges usually have education grants for single mothers. You could check out the websites of Florida George Snow Scholarship Fund Scholarship for Single Parents and the Illinois College of Dupage Foundation Single Parent Scholarship. There is also the Kansas Emporia State University Single Parents with Children Scholarship and the Iowa Kirkwood Community College

Scholarships for Single Parents. You should also check out the University of Wisconsin –Eau Claire Single Parent Scholarships and the Minnesota State University Coplan Donohue Single Parent Scholarship.

Private foundations and organizations include Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship, Hispanic College Fund, Philanthropic Educational Organization Program for Continuing Education, Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Scholarships and the Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards.

How to apply for education grants for single moms

Each scholarship grant maker has its own set of requirements and eligibility criteria. Determine first which course you want to pursue, where you want to pursue it and check the available scholarships that are available for single mothers. This will effectively narrow down your search.

Download and carefully read the instructions for each scholarship grant in your list. Do take note of the deadlines for submission of applications. Download the application form, fill it up and prepare all the requirements. While some allow online application submission, some prefer that you mail the original form after faxing a copy.

Keep track of all your grant application submissions and note each communication you will receive.

Several websites offer a list of available education grants for single mothers. After you’ve decided on your course, check all the options open for you. Send applications to as many grant makers that fit your criteria and circumstances.

Where to Obtain Free Grants for Women

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Women represent 51% of the population of the United States. Despite being successful in business and careers, they are still considered a minority because of discrimination and socio-economic conditions. However, women are ambitious and they are strong and should qualify to whatever free grants for women are available. No one could dispute the fact that more women are likely to pursue higher education, that they could start their own businesses while caring for their kids and managing their households.

Women’s firm role in society cannot be denied and the nation as well as the community recognizes women’s potentials and their importance. To help achieve their potential, several grants are available just for women.

Government agencies offer free grants for women

Federal, state and local government agencies have created grants for women who are interested in business, higher education, healthcare, housing and research and development. The government set aside a budget of more than US$99.7 billion in grants for women alone. And that fund is available for different types of free grants for women. But you should acknowledge that competition for these free grants is quite stiff.

The website has a huge database of grants available. Be specific on what type of grant you want to apply for so it would be easier to search. You should also check Pell Grants and minority grants like those for Hispanic women and African American women.

If you are planning to start a business, search for available free grants at the Small Business Administration website. Twenty-six government agencies have free grants for women, including the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, and Energy. You should also check what types of free grants are available from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Your state also has funds for women in different fields of endeavor.

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center gets support from more than 550 foundations worldwide. It has an extensive database of grant makers in the United States as well as overseas. The website contains a host of information including useful tips on looking for grants for women, tools and resources, guides on writing grant proposals as well as request for proposals from some grant makers.

Other agencies that offer free grants

If you come from a military family and have lost a parent due to the conflict in Afghanistan or Iraq, you could apply for assistance from the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

Women interested in teaching and willing to teach in an underprivileged community should apply for a TEACH Grant.

If you live in Arizona, check out the Arizona Commission for Higher Education website. If you are from California, the state has the California Student Aid Commission, the California Grant A Entitlement Awards, the California Grant B Entitlement Awards and the California Grant A and B Competitive Award.

Whatever type of free grants for women you are looking for, take the time to check each one carefully. Be sure to follow all the instructions and submit all the requirements before the deadline. While there is no limit on the number of grants you could send applications to, make sure that the grant suits your criteria, your circumstances and your abilities.